Born in Eisenhüttenstadt in the GDR and raised in Coburg after her parents managed to flee to West Germany, Vanessa Most discovered the thrill and excitement of acting at the young age of eight. As a member of the local theatre group she learned the fundamentals of acting and played in a couple of stage productions. After completing studies in Germany and France and obtaining her bachelor’s degree in European Media Culture, Vanessa moved to Berlin where she built a solid foundation for screen acting and continues to advance her career in film. The now experienced artist has performed in numerous local and international productions. Vanessa speaks fluent German, English and French, which has prepared her for collaboration with directors and filmmakers from all over the world, including the US, England, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

“Vanessa is a natural and instinctive actress. She absorbs everything. She is wide open and available. She welcomes direction and listens so intently. Her imagination is very fertile. And once she has a stronger grasp of the specifics she’s dealing with she places herself and goes for it! It took so little from me to immerse herself more deeply into the lives of the different female characters we were working on. She’s an exceptional actress and a force of nature. A force to be reckoned with!”

Jordan Beswick, CSA (Casting Director, Acting Coach, Director)